Prayers & Meditations etc.



The art of mindfulness focuses on the senses – what you see, feel, smell, taste and yes, hear. It helps us to be in the present moment and can be applied to any aspect of life not just the noble past time of partaking in the Holy Meal …meatball-clipart-one-hundred-600-x-600

  • Focus on the plate of prepared meatballs. Choose one that you feel connected with.
  • Place the meatball on a plate and set it in front of you.
  • Inhale the aroma deeply, look at your meatball and be aware of the contours that are unique to it and it alone.
  • Close your eyes and consider your emotions. Do you feel excited? Do you feel hungry and anxious to eat the meatball?
  • Take a bite of the meatball. Don’t chew it right away but rather move it around in your mouth. Become aware of the texture, taste and savoury flavours in it. Enjoy the moment.
  • Begin to chew  your meatball. Pay attention to how you feel now.
  • Slowly swallow the meatball.
  • After finishing the meatball consider how you feel. Did your enjoy your meatball more than if you’d just scoffed it down? Do you feel fuller than if you would have if you scoffed it?
  • Pay attention to this present moment.
  • You are one with the universe!