butt dust
Feel like you’re being treated like Butt Dust? There is an answer…

… and that answer could be sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now. It sound like such a simple thing but often the simplest of things can be the most profound. When it comes to pasta, all are equal, all are welcome. It isn’t complicated, it’s pure and it’s simple, the way life and religion should be.

Problems seem to start when us silly, insecure humans created the deity in our own image. When you strip all of that away, what’s left? The answer is true religion, free of the artifice that it has evolved over the centuries, like layers of cheap vanish on an antique, when it’s striped away what remains is it’s true and simple beauty.

Welcome to the journey that is Pastafarianism! Be touched by the deity’s noodly goodness.

And as we say … R’amen!